Destination Switching

Welcome to China. You will need a UnionPay card (card number starting with 62) first thing upon arrival, whether you are settling down or just here for a short stay. In the Chinese mainland, UnionPay cards have the largest acceptance network, covering all types of merchants of day-to-day shopping. You can pay with UnionPay cards at the POS terminal at almost all merchant locations, and you can also withdraw RMB cash and do balance inquiry with UnionPay cards at all ATMs.

You can apply for a UnionPay debit or credit card at any bank in the Chinese mainland or at selected bank locations overseas with your identity document (passport, entry permit to and from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau, etc.). UnionPay cards are not accepted in over 150 countries and regions and has been issuing in more than 40 countries outside China. Visit the following address to find out about the countries and regions where UnionPay has issued cards:

When using a UnionPay dual currency (RMB + a foreign currency) debit or credit card issued overseas, your purchases in the Chinese mainland will be automatically debited in RMB without currency conversion fee, saving you extra costs incurred by currency conversion.

UnionPay cards provide global cardholders with diversified value-added services, including exclusive discounts, bonus points, airport VIP privileges, business travel booking, etc.

The UnionPay Hotline (95516), in operation 24/7, offering you information on UnionPay card usage.
For UnionPay hotlines in other countries and regions, please