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“优计划”, an open platform newly launched by UnionPay International, takes as its mark.优计划 manages to get through all the participating parties like cardholders, merchants, banks and flow inlets by virtue of mobile application scenarios, and deliver solutions to cardholders with a view of obtaining the accurate push of privilege information and merchant marketing information in a timely manner.

Story of

Several billion UnionPay cardholders worldwide are in necessity of more abundant cross-border purchasing experience.On the other hand, merchants in the 160 countries and regions covered by UnionPay network are looking forward to the favor of their products by consumers.
优计划 manages to connect the two sides.
In the traditional privilege models, the sides involved are generally “UnionPay International – Merchants” or “UnionPay International - Acquirers”. However, in the 优计划 model, the sides involved turn into “Flow Inlet – UnionPay International – Acquirers - Merchants”.

As to cardholders, upon the injection of more resources, the detection of means the acquisition of essential privilege information at due time and place, better discount or more smooth experience on purchasing.
As to participating institutions, means new business opportunities. From global acquirers to small and medium-size merchants, it is available to provide differentiated services forwardly rather than wait for the arrival of consumers passively.

How to find?

Scan QR code to download the APP of UnionPay International and obtain electronic coupons.


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