Enjoy Japan with UnionPay services and privileges

UnionPay cards are accepted at nearly 500,000 merchants in Japan, covering accommodation, transportation, catering, amusement and many other daily purchasing fields with multiple exclusive privileges provided. UnionPay cards can also be used to withdraw cash in Yen at over 50% ATMs there, including ATMs of SMBC, BTMU, Mitzuho Bank, Aeon Bank, Siam City Bank and Post Bank in banks, subway stations and airports. The ATMs in 7-11, Rawson and other convenient stores also accept UnionPay cards.

  • Convenient payment without PIN!

    At the 12,000 Rawson and 18,000 7-11 convenient stores across Japan, payment can be made with UnionPay credit cards without signature or PIN when the purchasing amount is less than 10,000 Yen, and only signature is required if the purchasing amount reaches 10,000 Yen.


Airport duty-free shops, large appliance chains as well as department stores, brand stores and drug stores in Ginza, Shinjuku, Umeda and Shinsaibashi all accept UnionPay cards. Merchants in Ikebukuro, Shibuya, Ginza, Shinjuku, Odaiba and Akihabara also offer exclusive privileges to UnionPay cardholders!


Paying with UnionPay cards, you can enjoy the delicious local cuisines. Particularly, Kameya and Watami Izakaya offer more privileges.


It is convenient to take various means of transportation with UnionPay cards in the major cities in Japan.


Paying with UnionPay cards, you can enjoy featured local entertainments, among which Sunshine City in Ikebukuro and rickshaw in Asakusa are particularly recommended.


Many local hotels from featured hostels to five-star hotels all accept UnionPay cards. Many hotels in Kansai also provide exclusive privileges of UnionPay cards!

Special offers

【Japan】2016 UnionPay New Year Campaign

【Japan】Matsumoto Kiyoshi: Enjoy 5% off when you spend more than JPY 10000, together with 8% tax free

【Japan】 Matsumoto Kiyoshi: Enjoy 7% off when you spend more than JPY 30000, together with 8% tax free

【Japan】DFS Okinawa airport+ Okinawa Store

【Japan】Kansai International Airport Duty Free Shop Blanc de Blancs  Special Offers with UnionPay Card

【Japan】BLUE SKY Special Offers with UnionPay Card

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More Service

Paying with UnionPay cards at department stores, large-scale hypermarkets and drug stores in Japan, tourists with temporary visa can claim a tax refund of 8% of the purchasing amounts. Please ask for detailed information prior to purchasing.

Tax Refund Procedure:

1. Take the receipts and your passports to the designated counter at the store to claim a tax refund on the day of shopping.

2. The merchant will present a shopping record for you to sign. Then, the merchant will paste this shopping record with your signature onto your passport.

3. Present your passport and purchase to the Customs for inspection when leaving Japan. If you failure to present your purchase, it will be regarded as used already, and consumption taxes will be charged.

A new tax refund system came into effect in Japan on Oct. 1, 2014 with the concrete regulations as follows:

1. Food, tabacco, alcohol and cosmeceuticals, which were excluded from tax refund list, can now claim tax refund.

2. Merchants supporting tax refund will put up the logo that reads “Japan. Tax-Free Shop”.

3. When claiming a tax refund, the applicant must sign a guarantee which promises to take the refunded goods out of Japan within thirty (30) days.

4. Merchants will pack up the consumables (food, tobacco, alcohol and cosmeceuticals) already claimed tax refund, and the package cannot be sealed off before leaving Japan.

More considerate services offered by UnionPay

UnionPay Card Emergency Cash Assistance Service

UnionPay cardholders can call the hotline of the issuing bank or local UnionPay hotline to apply for an emergency cash assistance capped at the equivalent of USD 5,000 if they are experiencing emergencies like lost or malfunctioning cards.