Enjoy Taiwan with UnionPay services and privileges

You can pay with UnionPay cards at over 80% merchants in Taiwan, including department stores, restaurants, hotels, specialty stores, airport duty-free shops, high-speed railway, TRA and Taiwan taxies. You can also use UnionPay cards to withdraw cash at almost all the local ATMs, including the ATMs in scenic spots, such as Taipei Palace Museum, Taipei 101, Riyuetan Pool, Ali Mountain, Taroko National Park, and convenient stores, such as 7-11 and FamilyMart.

  • QuickPass: tap the card to pay!

    Many featured snack bars, souvenir stores, chain bookstores and well-known restaurants in Taiwan accept UnionPay Mobile QuickPass, and no signature is required if the purchasing amount is less than 3,000 NT Dollars.

  • Smooth payment ensured by extensive coverage of MPOS!

    In Taiwan, local snacks, night markets, take-away snacks and well-known restaurants all accept UnionPay payment via mPOS, which is both secure and convenient!

  • Discover more of Taiwan with UnionPay!

    In Taiwan, THSRC, taxies, MRT, light rail, bus and ferry all accept UnionPay cards for payment, and many taxies support UnionPay Mobile QuickPass. You can also use UnionPay cards to book tickets of THSRC online!


Almost all merchants in Taiwan accept UnionPay cards. Well-known merchants including Ever Rich Golden Lake Plaza, Breeze Xinyi, Eslite Bookstore, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi also launch exclusive privileges of UnionPay cards.


THSRC, taxies, MRT, light rail, bus and ferry in Taiwan all accept UnionPay cards for payment. UnionPay cards can also be used to book tickets of THSRC online. By presenting your UnionPay card, passport or Taiwan Entry Permit, you can get a souvenir Kaohsiung Travel Pass and Kaohsiung tourist map at Kaohsiung Metro.


Many local hotels from featured hostels to five-star hotels all accept UnionPay cards. Come to witness the penetration of Unionpay Cards here!


Paying with UnionPay cards, you can enjoy the delicious local cuisines.


In Taiwan, quite a few entertainments have accepted UnionPay cards for payment. Kaohsiung E-da World offers exclusive privileges to UnionPay cardholders.

Special offers

【Taiwan, China】China Airlines - Extra mileage for all Dynasty members using UnionPay card to purchase ticket via China Airlines website

【Taiwan, China】ImagineX Group Exclusive Promotion For UnionPay Card

【Taiwan, China】7-ELEVEN Special Offer with UnionPay Card

【Taiwan, China】JASONS Market Place supermarket Special Offer!

【Taiwan, China】Parklane Splendor Shopping Mall- UnionPay Card Promotions

【Taiwan, China】Parklane CMP Shopping Mall- UnionPay Card Promotions

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More considerate services offered by UnionPay

UnionPay Card Emergency Cash Assistance Service

UnionPay cardholders can call the hotline of the issuing bank or local UnionPay hotline to apply for an emergency cash assistance capped at the equivalent of USD 5,000 if they are experiencing emergencies like lost or malfunctioning cards.