UnionPay IC Card (or chip card) refers to Financial IC Card that conforms to the business standard of UnionPay IC Card (EMV standard). By the end of December, 2015, the number of IC cards issued in China has reached 1.83 billion.

China UnionPay has joined EMVCo and takes an active part in the promotion of security interoperability and the availability of payment application of EMV technical standard across the world, including the further optimization of compatibility of EMV standard and UICS standard.

With the acceleration of IC card issuance by banks in China, UnionPay International is speeding up the chip migration of overseas acceptance network. At present, UnionPay IC Card can be accepted in most UnionPay acceptance terminals across the world. By the end of December, 2015, more than 25 million UnionPay IC cards have been issued in markets including Hong Kong, Macau, and South Korea.


QuickPass is a UnionPay contactless payment innovative product. Cardholder could pay with waiving the QuickPass card in front of contactless payment terminal. Compared with magnetic stripe card or IC card, QuickPass is more convenient and fast, widely used in convenient stores, supermarkets, public transportation, restaurants, M-tickets etc. QuickPass could help cardholders to be free from complicated payment procedures, reduce cashier’s processing time, and improve checkout efficiency.

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MPOS is a UnionPay certified innovative acquiring terminal, which is connected with mobile devices via Bluetooth, audio and other interfaces, and performs acquiring payment transactions via mobile device’s wireless communication channels. With its low price and high security, MPOS could effectively meet the needs of small businesses.

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UnionPay IC Card